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Friday, July 03, 2009
As a resident of the Land of Israel, sometimes it is the small things that remind me of how important I really must be.

Take today for instance.

Today, North Korea launched 4 short range missiles into the Sea of Japan, and announced that through next week will be launching longer range missile, including in the direction of Hawaii.

Yet despite the significance of that, the President of the United States thinks that my home, my family, and particularly my children are the greatest danger and obstacle to peace on the planet.

So much so, that He uses my house and family as His excuse to not try and stop Iran's nuclear weapons program with their genocidal intentions.

And you know what? He's right in a way.

My home and my family are the biggest obstacles - not to peace - but to prevent the destruction of the State of Israel.

That the President feels He needs to appoint Special Envoys to demand we stop having babies, and put extreme pressure on our Prime Minister to get him to take actions he's against, but the best action He can take against North Korea is to add some additional anti-missile defenses around Hawaii, and pointlessly trail a North Korean ship (possibly carrying nuclear weapons material) for weeks on end, well that just says it all, doesn't it?

I'm not saying He has to do it, but could it be the President isn't even prepared to initiate offensive action to defend His own country from a missile attack?

Iran is certainly watching how Obama reacts to North Korea's testing of the Obama administration. He'll probably run to the UN and angrily denounce this grave threat to international law (and the destruction of the Lost filming location).

And all I can say is, we Jews plan to keep expanding. Natural Growth is going to continue. And we plan to continue to defend ourselves - all with the help of God.


Anonymous said...


Guess what? By the time Dubya left office, he had shredded his legacy. And, it seems a habit. Lots of presidents leave without their popularity intact.

It's possible Israel never really had friends in America; because of where they went to look. Academia? Anti-semitic. The State Department? Registers a "ditto."

James Baker? Need I say more?

How about all those fellahs that were IN when Nixon brought them to DC. And, then? Managed to fold more than one GOP tent. You think the Bush clan was popular? Or they found the money that flowed from the oil, and excluded the Jews?

You either understand. Or do don't. It's not a test question.

Obama? Lacks talent. The world has tossed up some rocks. But he's living his life as if all he needs is a PR shtick.

Can it last? How should I know? I'm not the Oracle at Delphi. But IF Obama gets a second term? OY VEY. Wouldn't matter how well Israel has played her cards.

Or why she EVER got involved in the piss process. (Of course, if there were sane governments, Shimon Peres would not have risen to the top.) You get a clue. The dreck pushed out Katsav; who behaved like so many men. Just as Haim Ramon's political career went down the toilet, because he kissed a girl. She said "his tongue fell in." And, I say, kids never let anything into their mouths, when they lock their jaws shut.

So who are you gonna believe?

Big part of the problem is that the tabloid-isation SOLD. Why? Most people have more common sense than all of that.

(While there's a GREAT Michael Totten piece up today. Do you know how the Tamil Tigers were destroyed? VICIOUSLY.) If you want to win you've got to go after the animals who hide themselves behind human shields.

So far? In Israel there are no takers.

I read stuff; and I'm amazed. I feel like a kid in the back of the car. "Are we there, yet?" Or, "how much longer?"

So far, for Obama, the economy is tanking. Talib says "WE'VE GOT A BLACK SWAN" on our hands. And, things will be getting worse.

When Obama finds he needs to walk on water to prove his skills, I hope he drowns.

Batya said...


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