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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Well Moshe Feiglin is associated with heroes.

Yakki Asa'el, settler (Susiya), age 53 was the civilian who shot the latest bulldozer terrorist. Moshe and Yakki were walking down the street when they witnessed the attack and reacted.

Besides bein a hated settler, Yakki is a farmer, teacher and grandfather. Also a Company Leader in the reserves.

Police are trying to take credit again. Who's gonna believe them at this point.

Feiglin allegedly finished off his radio interview with "Don't give them bulldozers".

hattip: Muqata


Rafi G. said...

so how come MF did not finish him off?

about the tractors, see what I wrote here

Anonymous said...

Yaki Asa-El - brother of leftist Amos Asa-El of the JP.

Amos should learn something here about the real Middle Israel

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