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Thursday, July 17, 2008
Reading the editorials, you see so many of the pundits trying to take the edge off by showing the "moral superiority" of the Israeli State vs. the Lebanese State.

Gee, that's great for internal consumption, but you know what? Most of the world isn't seeing that on their screens or hearing that from the global reporters.

Little mention is made of the fact that Hezbollah wouldn't even indicate if their kidnapped hostages were alive, while the terrorists in Israeli jails had full prisoner rights.

Kuntar was repeatedly identified as a prisoner that "Israel considers to be a terrorist", though never even mentioning the little girl whose head he crushed after murdering her father. Perhaps that would be too harsh on the ears.

The dead terrorists, whose bodies Israel returned, were made to sound like Israel had done the equivalent of Lebanon, ignoring that these terrorist were killed inside of Israel in the midst of terrorist attacks, and the Lebanon government was informed of their status and their families (unfortunately) weren't left hanging in uncertainty for years.

Moral Shmoral.

It's time the Government of Israel wakes up and starts playing by real rules in the game. Appeasement and "moral superiority" just results in more dead Jews - you don't need to watch a policeman in a bulldozer to know that.


Anonymous said...

Ditto to what you said.

Unknown said...

Naomi Ragan has excellent article on Arutz -7.'We are not 'civilizes'-we are weak.

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