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Thursday, July 10, 2008
Arutz-7 is reporting that a bill may be passed that require psychologists and social workers to report to medical authorities "any diagnosis of a condition which could cause a person to be a danger to him or others when he drives".

Note that is says "could cause", not that the person is actually about to commit a violent driving act in the foreseeable future.

That's a very short step away from creating personal liability for any medical professional who treats any patient, and it will result in patient's rights to privacy being completely compromised so their doctors or counselors won't risk going to jail.

It will also negatively affect the treatment that patients receive as they will certainly be afraid to honestly talk about their problems with their doctors knowing that doing so risks their driver's license.

And how long before this law gets expanded and it isn't limited to driver's licenses, but puts you on a police "watch list" for any particular social problem. Not very far fetched at all.

Will psychologists be required to tell their patient at the start of every session that what they say may result in their personal conditions being reported to a third party and the loss of their license? A psychological Miranda act? (There's no equivalent of a police Miranda act in Israel, in case you were wondering).

Now there's a way to build a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

As a side comment. It's would be no different than creating a law demanding a report from your eye doctor or eyeglasses store, that every time you go for checkup or buy new glasses they must report if they think your license should be revoked or modified.


Anonymous said...

That's very scary stuff! Where's the advocate for the "people"?

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