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Thursday, August 18, 2011
I spent much of the day writing up today's attack on Jameel's blog and twitter feed. As I was writing it, I felt the fog of war. I was writing down details, yet I didn't have the big picture as in reality I didn't have the time to analyze what was going on where and when. Just that so much was happening at the same time.

There were heroes in today's tragedy. The bus driver who managed to drive his bus as much out of danger as he could. The medics on the bus who treated the wounded. The MDA volunteers trapped in the firefight. And of course the soldiers who fought the terrorists.

There aren't words to describe this tragedy, and I think only later will we understand how complex and planned out a terrorist operation this was, and how the decline and fall of Egypt led to this situation, and what this now means for Israel.

The talkbacks in Ha'aretz are a cause for serious dismay - and one wonders how many sick people there are out there. There appear to be plenty.

At this point, one can only hope for recovery for our wounded, sorrow for our murdered, and disgust at the Palestinians, once again targeting little children for murder.


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