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Monday, August 08, 2011
6 years ago the communities of Gush Katif were destroyed.

Now people (mostly in Tel Aviv) are protesting they can't afford to buy or rent a home because there aren't enough homes on the market. One Rabbi recently said that if only these protesters would do Tshuva, and repent for not trying to prevent the destruction of the homes of the Jews in Gush Katif, they would be able to afford a home today.

It's an interesting remark on so many levels, particularly when one of the primary causes of rising home prices is the construction freeze in Judea, the Shomron, and Jerusalem.

It's all interconnected. We're all interconnected.

The Rabbis say the Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred. And here we are, with modern Israel facing the same internal threat.

If only we could unite together in the face of our dangers and realize we're in the same boat together, we'd be able to overcome it all.

Have a meaningful fast.


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