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Saturday, April 23, 2011
Why is it that the IDF doesn't seem to decisively win like it used to?

We have an army far superior to that of any of our enemies. Yet in our last few battles and wars, we seem to actually and actively not be trying to win.

David Horovitz of the Jerusalem Post interviewed Professor Asa Kasher, the man who decides what is ethical for the IDF, and what isn't. Having read it, I now understand why the IDF refuses to win.

If only the man understood what is so totally unethical about the position he is taking.

Here are some relevant excerpts.
At the same time, the moral foundation of a democratic state is respect for human dignity. Human dignity must be respected in all circumstances. And to respect human dignity in all circumstances means, among other things, to be sensitive to human life in all circumstances. Not just the lives of the citizens of your state. Everybody.

This applies even in our interactions with terrorists. I am respecting the terrorist’s dignity when I ask myself, “Do I have to kill him or can I stop him without killing him?”
I don't see the morality of letting a terrorist live. Certainly not in the State of Israel where he is likely to be released in a terrorist-hostage exchange and then return to terrorism and kill more people. This is both a highly immoral and short-sighted position he is taking. I'm just at the beginning of the article, and it clear to me this man must be a Leftist.

Two things: First, you decide what is more important in the given situation. And second, you do whatever you can so that the damage to the other side is as small as possible: Maximizing effective defense of the citizens; minimizing collateral damage.

Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah don't operate in a vacuum. They are representative of their people, the governments of their people, elected by their people, and are supported by their people.

I would propose that the reason the wars not only don't end decisively and in fact keep coming back to repeatedly haunt us is because the enemy citizens are not paying a high enough price in the war against us. There's no incentive for them to demand they stop, since they never lose.

I hear the same thing everywhere in democratic states. I’ve been to something like 15 of them, from India to Canada. There is no one who will say I don’t have to protect my civilians and to minimize the damage [to the other side]. There is no one who will say I must not harm the other side and minimize the damage to my civilians. No one will say that. No one. Nowhere.
Of course not, because no other country would put someone like this, with such a twisted ideology, in charge of military ethics. No other country wants an army incapable of decisively winning a war.

Where does this twisted ideology stem from?

But that the Palestinians have the right to be a people in their own state, in their territory somewhere between the river and the sea, goes without saying.

There we have it. Even if he didn't say it outright, I could tell from rest of the interview that he must be a Leftist from his warped worldview and ethics. But he proudly admits it outright.

There's plenty more in this interview that explains how this man prevents the IDF from winning, but you get the point.

If the IDF is to start winning again, the first thing it does is must free itself from the disturbed ideology this man has inflicted on it.


Anonymous said...

How did he get this job? Who appointed him? How can we change this? Does he not know a basic rule of Jewish ethics, namely get up earlier and kill the murderer before he kills you? Pathetic nonsense.

Richard Marcinko the Seal Team leader had a simpler formula for understanding his responsibility in war...kill all of them, even if "unfairly," with the aim of winning the battle with no losses on his side. That was his idea of success. He said how could he lose a man, then have to go to some farmhouse in Iowa and explain to the soldier's mother that her son was killed because he ordered a cease fire to save an enemy baby? Surely the mother would ask, "but what about MY baby?"

Again, the Torah is was ahead of this so-called "ethicist" (sic). Someone should explain to this dolt that if they don't try to murder, they will "minimize damage," and that if they do try to murder, and we don't respond appropriately, that this will do the opposite of "minimizing damage."

Yaakov said...

only attitude have to be 'kill them all with no hurt on our side. The state doesn't protect jew citizen , the state is infected by leftist and anti religious whose aim is to harm jew , the state of israel isn't on jew side but ther' s only 1 jewish state and his first rule must be to protect jewish at any price even if they must killed millions of arabs!

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