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Friday, April 08, 2011
So yesterday the Palestinians once again targeted Jewish children for murder.

The targeting of the school bus by the Palestinian terrorists was deliberate.

The Kornet guided anti-tank missile was specifically aimed at the school bus. If the bus had been full there would have been many fatalities.

This was the third time a Kornet was used and it is a weapon of a different scale than has been previous used.

The Kornet anti-tank missile has a range of almost 3 1/2 miles and can blow through 3 feet of solid steel.

The previous time a Kornet was launched was against an Israeli tank was 2 months ago. It was stopped by the Israeli developed Trophy system.

What I still don't hear is the UN, Goldstone and all the rest loudly condemning these genocidal Palestinians. I certainly don't hear them saying they understand that Israel must take action to defend itself.


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