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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
There's probably nothing more unstable than an Arab government.

I know what you're saying. "You're wrong JoeSettler, Arab governments last for decades."

Yes, they typically do. But at what cost. All these Arab countries are completely 3rd world. That is the price.

In order for their dictatorial governments to continue to exist they have to, first and foremost, fight that instability. Hence, most of the government's resources end up in expenditures to maintain the regime as opposed to improving the country.

The Arab regimes are in a panic. Tunis, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority. Anti-government riots are happening and expanding. It doesn't matter if the rioters are Islamists or not, the riots are contagious.

In the end they may quell them, but at what price for that false stability?

I bet the Israeli left just don't understand why their fellow Israelis aren't rising up too.


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