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Friday, January 07, 2011
It's incredible how callous the Left is. Every time there is a death, the Left use it to create political capital for their attacks on Israel.

That the their claims repeatedly lack credibility, are contradictory, and only afterwords do they start to get everyone's story straight (remember the initial claims of phosphorus in the tear gas) is only the start of the manipulation.

Look at the PA not cooperating with any investigation to uncover the truth.

While the radical Left uses radically left and participating doctors for collaborative statements (presenting that as evidence too, or even as real medical facts!), while feeding nonsense to journalists who are too ignorant and lazy to do proper research, instead, relying on statements by involved pseudo-journalists with an axe to grind.

It's a shame, because the lack of actual concern for a a sick or dead person except as political capital for their cause (such as getting more reporters to the scene of their riots, or simply attacking Israel) is disgusting.

Look at Rachel Corrie. It was her friends that made up the pancake joke at her expense. Talk about the callous left.

Or look at Samir Bani Fadel the other week.

Samir claimed that Settlers burned down a field with his sheep.
B'tselem happily provided graphic photos of the Settler's post rampage damage for the media who ate up the story unquestionably.

Only that afterwords, during the police investigation, the police uncovered that Samir accidentally did it himself and he made up the story as he was too embarrassed to admit he burned and killed his own flock.

Or the story of Yitzhar settlers stoning Arabs last week.

A story fed to the media as fact by the Lefties.

Except what the Left didn't know is that the Settlers secretly filmed the entire event - exposing that the Leftists (and Leftist cameramen) were the one initiating and directing the stone-throwing (including throwing stones themselves).

And who can forget false claims of the "Jenin Massacre" with the claims of of 500 murders and mass graves.

Some (who knows, perhaps even many) of these leftwing groups and organizations are looking and even hoping for casualties, related or not to the event, as long as they can use them politically.

It doesn't matter to them if it was true or not. The reporters don't care about the Left's lack of historical credibility - they want to get the story out fast, and the Left are only to happy to paint them a fictional account to help.

The left repeatedly make up these stories, modify facts, present false information - and then get upset when tripped up by the facts.

But that's not the real point here.

I guarantee the Bil'in protesters have spent all week working to get as many reporters to the violent Bil'in riots as possible this Friday - after all, what better way to callously capitalize on the death of an apparently sick woman.

And callously capitalizing on any death they can manipulate is what the Left seem to do best.


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