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Monday, August 30, 2010
I'm wondering why anyone besides Obama (and perhaps Ehud Barak) needs peace talks?

Right now the IDF is keeping the Palestinians terrorists subdued. Fatah is terrified of Hamas taking over and is keeping them mostly controlled in Judea and Samaria. Gaza is a lost cause, but as long as they don't shoot too much at us, no one is going to bother with them. Everyone is shopping together in Rami Levies everywhere. Everyone is doing their own thing. Settlers are going to start building again soon, and Arabs will once again have lots of work.

I haven't thought this through yet very deeply, but the idea has been in the back of my mind for months now. I figure I might as well present this and see where it goes.

What do we gain from a Peace Treaty?

The Golan Heights is our quietest border and we don't have a treaty with Syria (or need one). Lebanon is an internal (eternal) mess, and a treaty with Syria wouldn't change anything for us there (Hezbollah works for Iran after all).

Perhaps things will reach a boiling point with the PA in a few years, so issues need to be resolved now? Or perhaps, issues will be resolved over time, so why force them now to the forefront?

Even look at the Arab villages. Without the Foreign and Leftist instigators, they're much quieter. I think a concerted effort to expel the ISMer would do more for peace than anything else.

On the other hand, there is that pesky election issue (or lack of election issue) in the PA. How long can they go without elections, and without a legal leadership? And what happens when they finally have elections and Hamas wins again?

So, who exactly are we negotiating with and why? Maybe we should hold off everything until the PA have elections and we see who wins?

Does it really make sense to give away more land and resource only to see them taken over by one terrorist group (Hamas) or another (Fatah)?

And since the PA won't stop attacking Israel in different arenas despite peace talks or a peace treaty, what do we actually gain?

Would a peace treaty derail their attempts to overwrite the State of Israel? I don't think they could ever go far enough to call for an end of the conflict - with all that means - so a peace treaty isn't even possible, and possibly only pushes us closer to a war.

The only gain on Israel's side are brownie points with the local media.

Anyway. It's an initial thought. An idea that I think needs to be explored and developed.


Michael Sedley said...

I thought that the Peace Talks were an end unto themselves.

I don't think that anyone actually believes that they will lead to Peace, but Obama has a mid-term election coming up and he wants to show American voters that progress is being made.

Hard to imagine any scenario where this round of negotiatiosn would actually lead to a significant agreement.

gretta @ Israel said...

Probably the profit gained after the peace treaty is of a psychological nature - it's better to live in peace than to have war all the time, isn't it? And peace is what the majority of people strive for after all.

JoeSettler said...

In 15 years since Oslo, peace talks have specifically brought more terror on Israel.

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