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Friday, August 13, 2010
It's Friday, so let's discuss the wall.

On Sunday the IDF is going to tear down a Security Wall.

No, not the wall that's approaching my house, or the wall that prevents Palestinian Suicide Bombers from entering Jerusalem.

They are tearing down the wall in Gilo that stands between Gilo and Beit Jala.

The wall was put up 8 years ago, when the Arabs of Beit Jala decided to not so randomly start shooting at Jewish residents of Gilo. These shooting resulted in injuries, death, shock, property damage, and the simple fact that people were afraid to go out into a main city street for fear of being hit by a Palestinian sniper.

Over the years, the Gilo wall has been painted with scenery, children's drawings, and other very nice murals.

The IDF thinks that the situation in Beit Jala is currently calm enough to return the view to the residents of Gilo.

If not, they can always rebuild the wall again.


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