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Sunday, July 04, 2010
The Gilad Shalit march took a political turn last week when they announced that the slogan would be "At any price". Subsequently Bnei Akiva pulled out  the march.

Unfortunately, the march is starting to look like a repeat of Vicky Knafo, or worse, "4 Mothers".

Vicky Knafo was a poor person from the South who decided to march to Jerusalem to protest her economic condition. Along the way, her march was taken over by left wing political activists who converted both her and her cause from a cry for help into a political tool which they abused and eventually threw away.

"4 Mothers" were a small group of leftwing activists that pushed the Ehud Barak government into running away (something he's good at) from Lebanon, which as a result ignited the next Intifada a few months later, the empowerment of Hezbollah over Southern Lebanon up to our border, and eventually the Second Lebanon War.

The first problem with the march is there is only one price the Shalit activists are talking about here - releasing terrorists. They are not talking about military actions, tightening sanctions on Gaza, bombing Gaza, or other activities like that. That is not the price they are referring to. They are exclusively talking about having major terrorist released, and releasing them in Judea and Samaria (not even Gaza). Terrorist with a recidivism rate of around 50% in terms of killing Jews once freed again.

The second problem is just as serious.

They are matching to Jerusalem, to the Prime Ministers house - not to Gaza (border).

The Shalit activists are trying to make the claim that the keys to Gilad Shalit's freedom are in the hands of the Israeli government and not in the hands of Hamas who are holding him captive and playing games with his life.

The Shalit activists are playing into the hands of Hamas who are enjoying the show as this turns into a political attack and pressure on the Israeli government.

The Shalit family has every right to personally demand whatever they want to get their son freed, but the country can not, and should not pay "any price" (as they define it) when that price guarantees more terror and many deaths as a result.

The Free Gilad campaign has been hijacked and is being used for political purposes - solely to the benefit of Hamas - not Israel and definitely not to the benefit of Gilad Shalit.

When the march redirects to Gaza, I'll change my mind.


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