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Sunday, July 04, 2010
Boycotts, as our enemies are finding out can be a double-edged sword.

Last week, Iran announced a boycott of Coca Cola, Nestle, IBM, and Intel because of their Zionist connections. I can supply them with a much longer list if they really need want to go back to the stone age.

The Canadian Boycott movement has backfired because of Buycott.

And now Turkey needs to decide if they want their economy tied to the first world or the Arab third.

You see, while percentage-wise Israelis weren't the largest group that went to Turkey for vacation, Israeli were the biggest spenders while on vacation in Turkey.

Turkey's annual take from Tourism is around $21 Billions dollars.

In 2008, over 500,000 Israelis visited Turkey.

In just a month's time Turkey, because of their anti-Israeli politics, has lost over $400 million dollars in revenue in just 1 month's time. You do the math.

Besides that it's good that Israelis are beginning to show some self-respect, it's time that the world starts to understand what it is they are giving up when they attack Israel.

Because that means no more Intel based computers, no more cures for various diseases, no more cherry tomatoes, no disks on key, and no more Jewish money that they are always complaining about.

Can you really imagine no Coke? That just so retro USSR.


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