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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
There's no denying it. Turkey is going Islamic (or at least it appears to want to go that way).

No longer concerned about their relationship with Israel, particularly after the Israelis voted with their feet and stopped visiting when the Turks couldn't stop mouthing off against Israel, Turkey is going out full force against Israel with the wildest of accusations.

The question, as always, is "Why now?".

Despite their desire to be full fledged members of the EU, and their newly inked peace treaty with the Armenians (which will last only as long as no one yells "genocide" in a closed theater), Turkey is still a long way off from EU membership with their conflict with Greece, and their latest NATO snafu hovering overhead like a dark cloud (and don't even think of mentioning Kurdish separatists).

And now they are building ties with Syria too with their open borders agreement.

Wow. Turkey does have a lot of owning up to do. Perhaps it's given up and has decided that Islam is the way to go?

Or maybe in the bigger picture, it sees ties with Iran and Syria as more valuable than ties with a weak US (the EU is going Moslem anyway).


Anonymous said...
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JoeSettler said...

Someone doesn't know how to read.

JoeSettler said...

In addition Turkey is increased it's military ties with Syria this week and with the Axis of Evil in general.

Basically Turkey is rejecting modernity and regressing back to Islamic culture.

Anonymous said...


Learning how to read the 'news' ... is an experience these days, because the news is agenda driven. Doesn't mean diddley when you'd prefer the truth.

So, here's some truth. Turkey is consigning itself to the few elites who run the show. But the audience is not participating. You just can't 'create' believers in one faith, any better than the pope can make catholics.

While the 'agreement' hillary hammered out where a 'border will open with Armenia,' is a bit of a prediction. Since all the 'signing did' was push the 'document into Armenia's parliament.

Are all parliaments, whores? Dunno. But I can guess that the 'gates don't open' any time soon, between Turkey. And, the road into Armenia.

Good 'gate control' is also something the Israelis do well. While the press makes big issues over nothing.

As a matter of fact, if you followed the latest storm in Jerusalem; you'd discover that unlike the old days, these days, the police had the advantage. They've built into the streets, angular by-ways. So, the mobs of arabs just can't 'get to their designated rock tossing sites.'

Turns out, just like hollywood, the 'streets' can be created for a photo op. But safety, as a factor, stays a secret. Doesn't bother me at all.

It's Bibi's job to dress well, and be the 'preferred handshaker in charge.' Less work for Shimon Peres is always the best approach, here. Bibi knows what he's doing. Like Lawrence Olivier, once the curtain goes up. Pure Shakespeare. Without the backstage antics.

Anonymous said...


First, there's a lesson to learn from America's Founding Fathers. It is this. In England, there was ONE aristocracy. No American could apply to it to join. While in America, as it began seeking Independence, what was noted were ALL the factions! So, if you want freedom, you need to acknowledge that your neighbor 'is not like you.' And, doesn't share what you find to be important.

A good professor once described this as a "commons" where everyone had an umbrella. Opened. And, enough room had to be made for all the 'factions and their umbrellas. DONE.

So, when you speak of Turkey, it's salient to know they were rejected from joining the EU. And, then? Well, you begin to realize Islam makes the MOST NOISE. And, wherever they are funded to do so, by the dictators of sunni or shi'a origin, there's very little democracy, delivered.

So, you've got Turkey. Back in 1914, called "the sick man of europe," ... today not even part of europe.

And, the noise is bought and paid for. Doesn't mean you've got the 'hearts and minds.'

Doesn't mean you get the long term benefits. Heck, in russia, once stalin discovered FEARING him kept him in power; he just killed millions and millions of people. Didn't have to do much, except keep his kremlin cronies 'happy.' And, then he died.

And, got erased.

So if there are any lessons to be learned is to divide out how people react to their own monsters. Today? There's a claim that islam is moving.

Want my opinion? It's moving down the toilet. There are fewer 'true believers,' than those who recognize the thumbs and violence held over their heads.

Can you erase history? Nada. In time, what you're seeing in Turkey is just a dying 'patient,' dying 'patiently.' And, nobody wants a nuke to explode over their heads.

Meanwhile, you won't bring back a single Armenian. You can slaughter cultures. It's among the miracles, however, that Judaism survived.

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