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Sunday, October 11, 2009
As regular readers know I like to take my family to visit various "hot spots" in Greater Israel. While not the first time I was there, Nadia Matar invited me up to the Eitam Hill today where they would be giving out awards and certificates to new Olim moving to the Yishuvim.

During the speeches someone began to praise Nadia.

All the time people say, "What can I do, I'm just one person," and "How can we fight the system, there are so few of us."

It was just over 15 years ago, right after Oslo, when whatever land didn't have a Jewish home on it would be transferred into Area A.

So Nadia got up, gathered a few women (and a couple of men) and climbed up three empty, barren hilltops. Those hilltops where in danger of being handed over to the PA terrorists.

They sat there. They built temporary structures. They fought.

Today, those formerly empty, barren hilltops are the neighborhoods Zayit, Tamar, and Dagan - home to thousands of Jews.

Today, the Eitam hill is barren and empty, but in 15 years from now, maybe it will be those Olim who received certificates and awards today that will be living there with their families.

Truly an inspiring thought.


Nadia said...

oy's a bit embarassing... Yes, I often initiate, but all I do is together with others and only by the strength of the "beyachad" , together, do we manage to do things.

*In women in Green it has been for years with Ruth Matar my mother-in-law and all other women who have been with us at all activities

*In the Zayit, Tamar and Dagan the driving force were 4 women:
Sharon katz, Marilyn Adler, Eve Harrow and myself together with quite a few others who each and everyone contributed and without whom it would not have been possible.

*On Eitam it is with Zahava Englard, Judy Auerbach, Marilyn Adler, Lorraine Krell, Michele Wechsler and others.

In Shdema it is with Yehudit Katzover and all other members of the committee.

So everything i do is thanks to the inspiration and strength i get from others:

a) from Hevron. I go at least twice a week to Hevron and daven at the Machpela Cave where I feel even just the air is imbued with Jewish strength and it gives me strength.

b) from the women from Kiryat Arba Hevron who I have the honor to be with often, especially one friend called Yehudit Katzover, who was one of those entering Bet Hadassa and inspires me every day

So your article focusing on me doesnt do justice to all the others who are as much part of the struggle-

but if your article will give koach and strength and spirit to others than I guess it is important

thank you

Nadia said...

I must add one sentence:

that last but not least, all i do would not be possible without the unconditional support from my dear husband and kids and family

that is a prerequisite for being an activist- to be surrounded by such a great and supporting family who believe in what I do and give me all the support

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