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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Already the government's stability is threatened, and I won't be giving out prizes to whoever guesses right as to who is threatening the stability.

There is no question that there is something fundamentally wrong with the system where among other things Netanyahu believes he must overstuff his government to prevent any single party from being able to take it down.

Currently of course, the only single party that can do that is Lieberman's (until Agudah is added, and then now that UTJ has signed this morning it will require 2 parties).

And of course, not even hours into the new government and that is exactly what Lieberman threatened to do.

Lieberman has taken offense at 2 recent events in the past 2 days.

First, some Likud person was overheard saying that when Lieberman finally gets indicted, the Foreign Ministry will go back to the Likud.

Lieberman's response to that was that it will take 13 years to indict him, and the Foreign Ministry will stay with his party even if he is not there, and then some other choice remarks.

The second event was when Netanyahu added Silvan "Steve" Shalom to the "Kitchen/Security Cabinet" to create stability in his own party.

The original agreement between Bibi and Lieberman was that this security cabinet would only include (Former Sayeret Matkal/Special Forces officer) Netanyahu, (Former Chief of Staff) Barak, (Former Chief of Staff) Ya'alon and (former nightclub bouncer) Lieberman (which reminds me of the song "one of these things is not like the others").

Lieberman's response was a temper tantrum and threats to topple the coalition right there and then (perhaps he might also then disappear to Russia again for a week).

Does anyone really think we're going to have such a stable coalition with such an unstable ego in such a key position?


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