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Friday, April 03, 2009
Finally, Lieberman did something right.

I don't have much hope pinned on him, but he at least kicked things off on a good note with his first remarks as Foreign Minister.

It's about time that senior government ministers started saying that Annapolis was a pointless failure and Israel isn't committed to it. And it's about time that the government openly said that Oslo was a failure.

That Livni thinks that Lieberman wiped out years of "Peace efforts" in 20 seconds indicates to me that those 20 seconds were well worth his getting the Foreign Ministry.

One can only hope that that will be his actual unmoderated position in the future too.


Anonymous said...

The important thing about Lieberman's remark is that it is the first time an Israeli leader has repudiated a moronic move by a prior government. Til now these "agreements" have been one way death traps for Israel. By the way why is a surrender to savages by corrupt Israeli governments untouchable and holy while decisions by prior governments such as the annexation of Jerusalem as disposable as used tissue.

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