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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
We already know that the demographics demon from the territories was a false demon. Certainly the total 1.2 million registered Palestinian voters (meaning nearly all adults, though presumably including those registered twice or still as alive) puts that question to rest.

But what is interesting is that Israel is still looking for some 30 Billion dollars from the US to pay off the last disengagement and the next one. Surprisingly, certain government people actually think they have a chance to get it.

It’s a shame that these same people can’t think out of the box.

1.2 million registered voters translates down to around 250,000 households (husband, wife, wife, live-in grandparents, older children living at home). Since the concept of Pinui-Pitzui is now acceptable, we’re talking about over $100,000 per household. Since the average Palestinian household is living on much less than $10,000 a year, I’d say $100,000 is a windfall, to say the least.

Other countries claiming interest in Peace can even supply land (like the empty Sinai for instance), additional funds (Saudi Arabia) and we certainly have caravans to spare.

But that isn’t the point of this article.

Shimon Peres on more than one occasion has made ridiculous remarks regarding the strategic value of land in the missile age. And while missiles, rockets, and shells continue to hit our southern communities severely disrupting our citizen’s lives, the IDF is told to only hit back only from the air, which has proven to be remarkably (and unsurprisingly) ineffective, seriously deflating Shimon Peres’s value as an analyst of strategic/tactical military issues.

And while the Palestinians make “land incursions” in the way of suicide bombers, knifers, kidnappers, and drive-by shooters, the IDF is told to stay out of Gaza solely for one reason.

If ground forces enter Gaze en masse (and I don’t mean running in and out for 100 meters like scared chickens) to stop the missile attacks - that means that disengagement failed.

It is inevitable that Israel will have to send ground troops in, the question is how long will Israel have to wait for that, which solely depends on when certain politicians feel they can disengage the acknowledgement of disengagement’s failure from the return of the troops.

But that is also irrelevant. It still scares me most that the Israeli government feels it must wait for a successful mass/mega attack before it has the moral right to effectively fight back, as if mass failed mega-attempts aren’t moral enough reason.


Anonymous said...

my father told me about 12 years ago back by oslo that we need some major terror attacks ASAP.

I looked at him like he was nuts!!

He told me that if there were bombings and 100 korbanos then it might save israel from tens of thousands of karbanos!

My father was one of the first very vocal people that rejected, attacked and bashed oslo.
He gatherd up 10,000 signatures here in florida to congressman and senators.. most jews called him a nut...

Myself agrees somewhat now, I cant daven or even wish for this but i would gadly be a korban if it helped!!

If c'v me being brutally savaged tortured and lynched might wake up these snoring bogdim and lead to action that will prevent killings in the future then i'm all in!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, elchonon, all the evidence of the past decade-and-a-half indicates that your being c'v brutally savaged tortured and lynched would barely cause a fluttering of the eyelids to those snoring blinkety-blanks and would only mean the loss of yet another precious Jew.


JoeSettler said...


You being "brutally savaged tortured and lynched" might make you Moshiach ben-Yosef.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Unfortunately, just because Israel might feel it has the moral right to fight back after a successful mega terror attack, still doesn't mean it actually would hit back properly. It might rather trade that "moral right" in for 2 seconds worth of brownie points at the next UN Holocaust memorial party.

Arie90435 said...

I think part of the root cause of the problem is that we don't believe them when they say that they want to destroy us. It's as if we are constantly saying "Prove it!" which is of course what they try to do all the time.

There are none so blind as those who will not see...

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

This remainds me of Moshe Feiglin's original Jewish Road Map, in which he predicted that if we do not, willingly, hold on to Yesha, we'd eventually be FORCED to take it back.

JoeSettler said...

arie90435: "prove it" - dead on.

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