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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
This is sure to get me some angry, knee-jerk, reactionary comments.

Chief of Staff, Lt. General Dan Halutz said that the settlers caused contempt for the Holocaust because of our propaganda.

Funny, because I thought that Sharon and his government caused (and showed) contempt for the lessons of the Holocaust when they had the “honor” of being the first government anywhere in the world, in quite a very long time, to specifically expel Jews from their homes, and then knowingly hand over synagogues and yeshivas to be desecrated and destroyed.

Silly me.


Ze'ev said...

Beat me to the punch. Good for you.

Jerusalemcop said...

right on the money, Joe.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly.

Sharon was VERY wrong in expelling our holy brothers and sisters from Aza. But the Jewish stars on the fringe element was not acceptable.

To support it in any fashion gives credence to Halutz.

Hitler murderd 6 million Jews. Sharon did not.

Son of Deer

JoeSettler said...

What's really funny is that Dan Halutz forgot that his buddies, the Left, abused the "never forgive, never forget" slogan for Rabin. I guess the Left were also causing contempt for the Holocaust, but for them it's OK.

Check out these links:

And one by Ze'ev!:

Personally, when I first saw the slogan this summer I immediately thought Rabin and not the Holocaust because the Left had used and abused it so much against the Right.

Maybe that's what really irked him (that it was stolen from the Left).

JoeSettler said...

For a (non-holocaust) history of the use of a yellow badge worn by Jews that didn't always involve their slaughter, though sometimes their eventual deportation and expulsion, see this article:

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

What does Halutz expect the settlers to have given the soliders - hugs, kisses and flowers? They were getting thrown out of their homes....

...and thats contempt?!

Anonymous said...

what do u think the settlers did ? they huged the soldiers! maybe now some people woke up...

Funny halutz brings this up... my first thought when i read it last week was "hmm and olmert is calling amizabadad (whatever the heck the iranian momzer's name is)worse then hitler"

The extreme left calls the army and the settlers nazi's..

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