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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Quite to my surprise, I found myself shaking hands with Prof. Bernard Lewis at the Jerusalem Conference today. Looking back, I’m not sure he appreciated that he was shaking the hand of JoeSettler, probably because he didn’t know it was me at the time (nor was I planning on being there when I woke up this morning).

Of course, as I am sure he must be a regular reader of this blog he’ll be slapping himself upside the head tonight when he reads this post before he goes to bed.

Anyway, it was a veritable Who’s Who of right-wing intellectuals and Arutz-7 employees at the Regency (formerly the Hyatt) Hotel.

Personally, I didn’t go in for the speeches. I found the conversations going on in the lobby to be much more interesting. That’s not to say that the speakers and subjects weren’t interesting (they definitely were), but I am far more amused by the semi-private round table discussion going on around the coffee pot than sitting in a room for an hour or two listening to same exact people give lectures.


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