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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Anyone who visits the Gush during the winter months knows one thing for sure.
The minute it drizzles the lights go out.

For years the electric company hasn't fixed the electricity problem, so when it drizzles, you can see the lights flicker out like falling dominos across all the settlements - but usually not in the Arab villages next door, suprisingly enough.

And when it snows, you can be without electricity, lights and heat for hours on end.

The electric company's usual explanation?

Oh, they no can longer clean the transformers. They used to do it by helicoptor, but since the Arabs tried shooting down the helicopter a few years ago they decided that cleaning the tranformers that way is too dangerous.

In fact, sendng a ground-based cleaning crew to clean them is too dangerous too due to their location.

So instead of finding an alternative solution after all these Oslo years of peace, they've let the wiring deteriorate.

The tens of thousands of Gush residents have had enough. A Mr. Yechiel Fishman has organized a class action suit against the electric company.

The electric company has responded so far like they always do, with a form letter that the electricity will be fixed soon (same letter every year, they just change the date).

But now the ball is rolling. The public is mobilized.

Hopefully change is in the air, money will change hands, and electricity will be delivered.


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