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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
I'm trying out a new template. I hope you like it.

I know, it doesn't look 100% right in Firefox. Get a real browswer that's actually compliant, people.


Critically Observant Jew said...

Firefox is a real browser.

Anonymous said...

Firefox or no firefox, the graphics design of this page is way too busy; thus, it is cluttered and distracting. Instead of us getting a real browser, why don't you get a real good web page design? Get a design that will give us readers some focus to your great messages and not distract us from them.

JoeSettler said...

Good thing I didn't mention Macintosh!

tnspr569 said...

Hey, what do you have against Macs?

Leora said...

What's all that javascript mumbo jumbo at the top of your source code? None of the other blogspot pages I looked at had that. That's probably why your page only works in IE. A clean design would not use javascript just for a header. Some nice CSS code produces good design.

Anonymous said...

The javascript at the top controls the floating ad on the left.

K. Shoshana said...

Wow, something I am actually semi-qualified to offer a constructive criticism on...

I like the layout better than the other blackground but mixed in with the orange it gives the blog a kind of halloween feel which makes it a tad unappealing...but that is probably just me. I understand the orange but what about a white, blue and orange mix instead of the orange, beigey-brown and black?

Leora said...

Did you write this code or did you copy it from somewhere?
style="margin-top: 100px "; align="center";">

should probably be
style="margin-top: 100px; text-align:center">
(although text-align:center does different things than align="center", but align="center" is deprecated.)

If you take out the floating ad, does it then work in Firefox?

I would space out the stars more and lighten them. Might still be too busy, even then.

Jack Steiner said...

Firefox works quite well with real templates. ;)

JoeSettler said...

Unbelievable! I’ve written posts that I consider world-changing, significant, and certainly worthy of minimal reaction and I can barely draw a comment from my hundreds (thousands?) of daily readers. (Yes, there actually are that many. I just checked because I thought I was all this writing to myself, and suddenly your slew of comments came out of nowhere.)

I make an irrelevant change to my template and knock (deservingly) Firefox and I get more comments that I’ve seen in a year.


(The code in question was copied from somewhere else, as is)

Anyway, I hope this color combination is better. It doesn’t look as cool to me as it did before, but if it is easier on all your eyes. So be it.

After all, I am apparently not the only person reading my blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thank you for reading JoeSettler.

Anonymous said...

Leora: The floating ad is what doesn't work in Firefox as well as the proper display of the fonts (size and type).

Leora said...

>The code in question was copied from somewhere else

Must have been an Israeli web developer. Israelis have a ridiculous habit of programming only for IE. Look at Tel Aviv's municipality site; the menus don't show up in Firefox. At least you are in good company.

>Oh, and thank you for reading JoeSettler
You are welcome. I promise to comment on some other post at some other time.

tnspr569 said...

Appearance counts, I guess. I think the blog looks best with a very simple, elegant template. Keep on trying, Joe.

Thanks for writing; I enjoy reading your posts, but I don't always have time to comment. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

what do you have against firefox?

JoeSettler said...

I've got nothing against Firefox, except any webpages I make never display properly (and I don't like the interface as much).

And since 80% (?) of the world uses Explorer, that would make Firefox the odd man out.

RivkA with a capital A said...

This template is better than the last one.

I agree with tnspr569.

The simpler, the better.

RivkA with a capital A said...

ps. positive reinforcement!!

Don't write: "what's the matter with you people!?!"

Rather: "Wow, it's great that you guys are finally writing. Now comment on the real stuff!!"


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