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Friday, February 22, 2008
Even if Israel goes into Gaza tonight to complete this war against Hamas, what's the point?

To give control over to Fatah terrorists instead?

That's not much of an "exit strategy".


Anonymous said...

I have noted that prominent YESHA-types like Moshe Feiglin and Boaz Haetzni have come out in opposition to a large-scale operation in Gaza because it will mean endangering Jewish boys in order to put the FATAH-Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigades terrorists in power instead of HAMAS, and giving Olmert the Sharonish "tough guy" image he tried to get at Amona and in the Lebanon II war in order to use the army to expels Jews from YESHA after such an operation.
I am glad to see that our best brains are now beginning to think "out of the box" regarding national affairs and not just parrot-like repeating stale positions like "right-wingers always support tough military moves", which led us (or, me, at least) to supporting disastrous mistakes like Sharon's Lebanon war which led to so much death and destruction for nothing. Yes, this was Yossi Sarid's position, and we should have been willing to admit we were wrong. The general public will respect us for it.

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