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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Wow, this nearly slipped by under the radar.

Most people probably forgot that Shimon Peres was caught accepting illegal contributions to his campaign. Very illegal contribution for very significant sums.

Of course, he was never punished for it, but that goes without saying. Nor has he ever returned the money as he was supposed to do.

No surprises there either.

Pere now has a new run-in with the very law he has complete disdain for.

The President’s Office (not the President) is supposed to under go regular audits as part of the attempt to maintain the fiction of transparency in government ensuring that everything and everyone is kept Kosher.

After all, like every other government office, the President’s office runs tenders, and hires contractors and employees, and like every other government institution it is supposed to undergo regular checks and oversights.

Shimon Peres has decided to block that in the President’s office. His complaint is that there is bad blood between him and the government comptroller. His solution is that he will pick out and hire an external auditor to meet the compliance requirements!

I can’t wait until one day someone manages to open up and publicize the records of the Peres Peace Center.


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