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Saturday, February 02, 2008
What an interesting weekend its been (completely unconnected to Israel).

As I know some of you completely rely on JoeSettler for your news, here are some other stories to broaden your horizons.

Microsoft has put in a $44.6 Billion bid to acquire Yahoo in a bid to compete with Google. It turns out that 50% of the worlds online advertising gets placed on 20 sites (JoeSettler is unfortunately not one of them), and 18% of them are owned by Yahoo (I assume mostly Yahoo groups).

In Finland, a girl had her jaw replaced with a replacement jaw that was grown out of her own stem cells and cultivated in her own body. That is major medical news.

Is someone targeting the Internet or it just an anchor?

Two major cables that connect India and Egypt with the rest of the Internet world were cut last week. This reduced India's internet capacity by 20% and caused severe disruptions in Egypt.

And over the weekend it was discovered the the FLAG FALCON cable in the Persian Gulf connecting the USE and Oman was cut.


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