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Thursday, February 28, 2008
Well, yet again Rockets hit Ashkelon. This time they hit a house and 17 people were injured.

The rocket was a Grad-model Katyusha. It has a maximum range of 25 kilometers.

There is an article today that the Defense Ministry is worried that the Kassam missiles will have an effective range of 20 kilometers by next year.

Um, fellows, wake up. They also have plenty of Katyushas too.

Now you might ask yourself, 17 people hurt in Ashkelon from the rocket. Why didn’t they rush into their shelters when they heard the rockets were on the way?

Well, the citizens didn’t know.

You see, the mayor and city council decided, as policy, to not activate the alarm system for the rockets. There are plenty of rockets launched towards Ashkelon every week and most miss the population centers, so even as their aim gets better, why worry the good citizens when yet another one is shot their way?

Yes. Why indeed.

Public Security Minister doesn’t believe we should enter Gaza for an extended operation “Even if Gaza is taken over tomorrow, it will take years to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure.”

Got that, we shouldn’t go in to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure (that is a direct result of our leaving Gaza), because it will take years to dismantle it. Note he didn’t say we couldn’t dismantle it, he just thinks that that it would take too much time, I guess its better we continue to be punching bags, or is that body bags.


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