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Monday, February 18, 2008
"There is one other place in the world where apartheid is still [alive], which is in Palestine" Bishara said.

Now I'm sure he didn’t mean to make that faux pas, but he is right.

After all, let’s consider the state of Palestine.

1. It is forbidden by Palestinian law to sell land to Jews
2. If a resident sells land to Jews he will be executed (and this in enforced).
3. The Palestinian state is attempting to remove and destroy all Jewish and Christian vestiges (people and religious sites) from areas under its control.
4. Jews are not allowed to live in Palestine (Amira Hass being the notable exception, but I suspect her claim to Jewishness could be disputed).

Those are 4 prime examples of how a Palestinian state is in actuality an apartheid state.

"It [Palestine] is actually the biggest armed robbery in the history of the twentieth century."

I certainly wouldn’t disagree with this second statement either.

But I am amazed that he had the audacity to openly hint at the 5 aggressor Arab armies of '48, the 1929 Hebron massacre, and the Arab attempts to wipe out Israel in ’67 and ’73, all the suicide bombers, and Gaza in such a forum.


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aliyah06 said...

Oh, bravo!!! You said it all!

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