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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
You've gotta love this guy Dror from the Winograd Committee. It's amazing he was able to keep his mouth shut for the entire process, because every time he opens his mouth now he just digs himself a bigger hole.

Caroline Glick did an amazing analysis of Dror's previous comments.

My favorite was when he pointed out that he felt he actually only wrote the report for 100 to 300 people who actually run the country and make all the decisions (who he considers his "clients"), of which maybe 10% are elected officials (which means he basically excluded nearly the entire Knesset).

You gotta love his elitist attitude.

His latest guffaw is that the country needs to be educated as to who to vote for.

To quote him, the public "must be helped in their decision."


Rafi G. said...

well, if the adage "People get the government they deserve" is correct, then maybe Dror is right. if we are so stupid, corrupt and evil that Olmert is the government we deserve, then maybe we do need to be educated...

Anonymous said...

It seems that the only education that we truly aspire for is from the School of Hard Knocks. The education from the Torah is the only knowledge that could keep us from making such bad mistakes.

Anonymous said...

we dont get what we deserve. we are a powerless minority being controlled by 100-300 powerful, rich elite. we tried hard to stop them but they just keep coming, or converting the leaders we do elect. stop blaming me for what the arabs are doing and the israeli leftist elite is enabling!

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