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Monday, February 11, 2008
Aryeh King opened a website not so long ago detailing the certainly questionable, possibly illegal, potentially illicit, and clearly immoral activities of Peace Now. He documents their questionable funding process. Their lack of legal status and standing. The police files opened against them for criminal activities. The foreign government using them to influence policy in Israel.

Now it turns out Aryeh King is not alone.

Perhaps as a result of the information published on his site the Israeli Justice Department began to fully investigate Peace Now.

The Justice Department discovered that Peace Now was misappropriating, misusing and misdirecting funds as well as undertaking other illicit activities.

The Justice Department discovered that Peace Now was does not even have proper documentation and certification.

The implications are that Peace Now’s US tax-deductible status is highly questionable (which is perhaps the only reason that the Israeli Justice Department is possibly taking this seriously – because of the potential tax fraud that happened in the US).

It is suggested that the Justice Department will demand that Peace Now be dismantled (with sensitivity of course).

I hope that its leaders go to jail.

The reality is that nothing will happen. Peace Now will be protected, just like Olmert and others. They will be given retroactive certification. At worst they will be told to return some money. No one will go to jail.

Still, one can dream of a moral victory.

Addendum: The Registrar of Non-Profit Organizations has revoked its certification of proper administration from Peace Now, after the organization was found to not have been administered or registered properly based on their actual activities (I believe the legal name for that is fraud).

In fact, it seems that Peace Now has been trying to illegally create facts on the ground for a long time, and now expects their facts to recognized.

Peace Now’s response to this is, “we have been operating for 30 years under these arrangements” – so now we know how long they have been committing this crime they have admitted to.


satiricohen said...

Peace Now is incapable of any wrong doing.
You should know that by now.
The existing law is just to keep all the rest of us barbarians in line.

walid.d said...

If we go back to 2500 years of history, we find that the Jews have already paid the price twice, the first blood when Slloukis Governor of intakia, sent the army for the third time and with the assistance of Ptolemy governor of Judea Almkabi Msrlikhmd Revolution in Iraq Alamirotmcn the army: in the siege in Irbid (Arabella), killing tens of thousands of Jews And the second time to pull their money from 1888 until 1946 that they are entitled to claim them, even free of charge and are also entitled to buy from the Arabs that the Jewish law as written, the opposite is true, I think this is a historical and legal right is wrong for evasion of the facts

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