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Friday, July 15, 2011
Today is Friday. That means that the Left will be practicing their freedom of speech and their freedom to obstruct the freedom of movement of others by protesting in different neighborhoods against Jews . One such neighborhood is Ma'aleh HaZeitim, aka Ras El Amud.

In Ras El Amud, homes have been built on (legally purchased) Jewish owned land and that seems to upset the left who don't believe in equal property rights for Jews.

In recent history, one of the first land purchase in Ras El Amud was in the very early 1900's by Nissan Bak and Moshe Wittenburg who bought various plots.

But Jewish history in Ras El Amud goes even further back then a mere century. Archaeologists have uncovered a jar handle, dated to the First Temple, with the name "Menachem" inscribed on the handle (Menachem, not Menachem Mendel btw).

Pretty cool, but these protests against Jews happen every Friday, so why bring it up now?

One word. Glenn Beck. (OK that's two).

You don't get Glenn Beck TV on cable? Me either (I actually don't have a TV, which makes that all the more difficult).

Glenn Beck was in Israel this past week meeting and speaking with different people (except Moshe Feiglin). I was forwarded this link of Glenn Beck listening to one of Israel's local defenders telling him all about Jewish rights in Israel. It's an interesting story.

And as it happens, the meeting was in Ras El Amud.

This story is as good a Tikun as any for the anti-Jewish Friday protests.

And you get Glenn Beck (sort of) without needing Glenn Beck TV.

Shabbat Shalom.


Dov Bar-Leib said...

There should be at least one comment on this. I love righteous gentiles. Thank you Glenn Beck.

Yishai, you are a classic. Saw you at the wedding of Tamar Yonah's daughter earlier in Tamuz. I wish I had your courage.

Finally, and I say this without hesitation, the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount is a perfect place to Restore Courage later this holy month of Av. The entire length of its expanse buttresses up against the Court of the Gentiles. What a place for Jews and righteous gentiles to come together to see what we have in common, an intense love of G-d and his rules of common decency which help foster free societies. See you Glenn on the 24th of Av.

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