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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Driving accidents in Israel are not a joke. Though most people would claim that women drivers are the worst, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics released a report that would definitely refute that claim (source: JPost).

In the last year, there were 92,000 accidents in Israel. Of those, 73,000 resulted in injury to someone.

74% of the drivers in which injuries were involved were... men.

Arabs (who make up 21% of the population) were involved in 26% of the accidents, and were 35% of those killed in car accidents.

68% of pedestrians killed, were killed crossing at a crosswalk.

Arabs tailgate more than Jews, while Jews are more likely to not give right of way.

Arabs speed more, while Jews tend to run more stop signs.

Overall, not very good statistics, but perhaps it would give those in charge an idea of what they need to work on to make our streets safer.


Robertcw72 said...

Hehe I have to admit I was scared when I saw the driving in Israel..I thought driving in Los Angeles was horrible...IT DOES NOT COMPARE! LOL...

Anonymous said...

It's the bad women drivers that make men crash as they try to avoid them

Anonymous said...

Arabs were 35% of the killed... It was not published, but they were likely a much higher proportion of the killers. In the newspaper reports I can remember, more than have the times the responsible driver was Arab.

Anonymous said...

have the times
half the time

yoni r. said...

68% of pedestrians killed, were killed crossing at a crosswalk.

That's only a relevant statistic if we know how many street-crossings are at crosswalks to begin with. If it's 90%, then it implies that crossing at a crosswalk is safer than not.

In any event, it's pretty irrelevant, since someone jay-walking is probably more likely to be careful than someone who crosses the street under the presumption that he won't get hit since he has right of way.

izzy said...

The reference to the % of pedestrians killed at crosswalks is significant as it speaks to the disregard drivers have for giving those trying to cross in a crosswalk the right-of-way. I live on a yishuv, and it's horrifying to see how fast drivers fly through the front kikar, where there are marked crosswalks and lots of children crossing at all times of the day.

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