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Thursday, March 24, 2011
The AJC released a Press Release that criticized the Knesset for holding a hearing on J-Street, as to whether J-Street is "pro-Israel" as it claims to be, and whether it is harming Israel with its actions.

The hearing was called because there are many that believe that J-Street actions, statements, and activities are actually quite dangerous to Israel and helping our enemies.

AJC criticized the Knesset, stating that the Knesset is not the proper forum for discussing if an organization is harming Israel.

Strange, because I am sure the AJC is busy criticizing the Knesset in this press release.

If I understand Ed Rettig correctly, it is OK for the AJC and J-Street to criticize Israel and the Knesset, but it is not OK for the Knesset to defend itself against these criticism.

Got it?


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