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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
The whole world is eager for alternative energy sources and can't wait for the Arabs (and Iranians) to run out of gas.

But has anyone asked what happens to the Arab (and Iranian) world once their gas does run out? Has anyone considered that their societies might either violently collapse or turn into even worse tyrannies?

Even if they line their deserts with solar panels or nuclear power plants and have unlimited electricity for themselves, there is no real way they can effectively or reasonably export that to the rest of the world (at least no way I can think of off-hand).

Another world crisis in the making?


Anonymous said...

What happens?

All of their migrant labourers go home. This significantly increases unemployment in several developing countries, and harms their economies due to diminishing remittances.

The desert oil former-exporters can't afford to import food. Or to ensure clean water for their citizens. Rich Arabs leave, moving to properties in Europe and the USA and living off investments in non-oil industries.

The Western world responds to the humanitarian crises of the remainder of the population starving and dehydrating with institutes to provide ongoing UNWRA-style handouts, indefinitely.

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