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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Quite hypocritically the state of Israel will grant defacto ownership over State land in Judea and Samaria, if an Arab manages to work the land for a few years without getting stopped. A Jew gets no such benefit.

If a Jew works state land for a few years, the state will generally recognize the produce and trees as belonging to the Jew, but unlike with an Arab, the land ownership will never get transferred over.

Right outside of the town of Elazar there is a lot of State land. Land that is untouched, undeveloped, and at risk.

Arabs regularly try to encroach on this land to begin farming, hoping that in a few years they will be able to claim it as theirs. The Leftists help them with this game.

Meanwhile, Jewish farmers are planting on land all around Elazar. Not for personal benefit. Not because they will get the land. But because this action simply blocks it from being handed over to the Arabs in a few years time.

Nadia Matar (among others) is leading a fight to protect this state land with the hope that in a few years time the state land will still remain state land and the town of Elazar will be able to expand onto it.

And this battle isn't just happening around Elazar, but around other towns as well.

And this farming project is definitely not simple.

The Arabs regularly come and rip up the plants, destroy the olive trees, destroy the water pipes, burn the fields, and steal whatever they can.

The leftists at the scene always call the police, instigate, and do whatever they can to try to help the Arabs steal the land, telling them to claim it is their private land.

But the Jewish farmers are smart. Each one comes armed with detailed maps showing that the land is state land. Once faced with irrefutable evidence the police and army always back down. Though the Arabs and Leftists still walk free.

Will the state destroy these Jewish farms? Perhaps, but the Jewish communities won't take it lying down. If the state destroys the Jewish farms exclusively, they plan to take action to force the government, whether it likes it or not, to do the same to the illegal Arab farms.

The question is, how far does the government want to go?


Anonymous said...

as to those lefties I say bring back the sicaraiim

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