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Thursday, June 24, 2010
The whole McChrystal-Obama thing is very interesting on so many levels, I can't even begin to touch on most of them there are so many.

I read the Rolling Stone article. I read an interview with the author of the article.

The impression I got out of it is that many if not most of the “best” quotes came from when McChrystal and his friends were out plastered in a bar.

Regardless of when/how it was gotten, it’s clear that many in top military leadership positions don’t think much of Obama.

It’s also clear that Obama doesn’t think much of his military men.

He and Biden certainly didn’t think much of General Petraeus before they came into White House power when Obama publicly lambasted him in typical Obama fashion - telling him he did a great job while simultaneously telling him he (and everyone else) failed.  Biden also didn't think to highly of Petraeus either.

But now Obama has appointed General Patraeus to replace McChrystal, also leaving a hole in the job Patraeus was previously doing, but more importantly, giving Patraeus the same mission that Obama had called a failure just a few years before (when Bush was president).

Everyone seems to be intent on building intentions onto the article. The leftwing Rolling Stone wanted to attack the war in Afghanistan. McChrystal didn’t have confidence in the White House to properly support them, or in the new Rules of Engagement his soldiers had to follow and political suicide was the only way he saw to get the problems the attention they needed.

What’s interesting is that it was the Petraeus-McChrystal partnership that came up with and implemented the successful surge in Iraq. And with McChrystal’s resignation/dismissal it isn’t clear that half a team will be successful this time in Afghanistan.

McChrystal is the kind of general that soldiers like. The kind that goes out into the field and fights alongside his men. A true leader. He also is not a political animal, which worked to his detriment, but you don’t find the two mixing that often.

Conclusions? How is this related to Israel?

Perhaps another time.


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