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Friday, February 05, 2010
Following the unwanted publicity Im Tirtzu garnered against the NIF, far-left Mererz MK Haim Oron announced that he will begin probing Right-wing funding.

I don't think the man really understands what the fuss is about.

Everyone is in an uproar over the NIF because from all appearances, money that was supposed to be going to an organization involved in "social issues" repeatedly and knowingly went to anti-Israeli organizations that attacked (or helped attack) Israel in different arenas and platforms. Certainly that's how it appears to donors who have now stopped their support, who were unaware of what activities their money as funding.

Right wing groups (including Umbrella groups) publicize their goals, they aren't embarrassed by them, or afraid that their mainstream donors might find their actions distasteful, anti-Zionistic, or anti-Semitic.

Donors to RW groups and umbrella organizations know their money is helping to build settlements, buy land, help the Zionist enterprise and helping keep the Torah. The only real secret is which Arabs are helping up quietly buy land in Eretz Yisrael (and exposing their identities would be partner to murdering them).

“A country doesn’t go from democracy to fascism overnight,” Oron said. “It’s a slow process, which begins with small steps. Then, one day, we wake up in a totally different country.”

And isn't that exactly what it appears the Left are trying to do?

Foreign agent quietly funneling money to many small organizations who undermining and attack the country in different ways, some of them attacking the very core definition of the democratic Jewish state.

All the while attacking the very freedom of speech they profess to champion.

So probe away Oron. Maybe you'll help publicize some of our small organizations enough, that some big money will come in and we can buy, build and teach even more.

In the meantime, this Shabbat we can take pleasure in knowing that the ugly underbelly of one front against the Jewish State has been exposed and damaged.

Shabbat Shalom


JoeSettler said...

Update: For some reason, (Haaretz is reporting that) the JPost informed Naomi Chazan that they are terminating her services as a columnist. I think that's an unusual decision as they have other radical leftists as columnists. I wonder what bothered them enough to do that.

In the meantime the article continues that the left are "uncovering" the donors to right wing organizations (who actually donate to many centrist groups).

They still don't get it, the problem is that it appears to donors that the NIF funded organizations betrayed Israel, and the NIF donors were not aware to what activities their donations were funding.

Ben Waxman said...

and because maybe these organizations are using money in ways which is not in line with their mission statement, the KNESSET investigates? ridiculous! maybe, maybe maybe the registrar of the amutot (NPOs), but the knesset? this is mcarthyism pure and simple. schneller should be run out of the knesset for this idiocy. and i say this as one who totally opposed NIF.

Backseat Blogger said...

sorry for the late comment... just came across your blog!

i find the whole who is funding whom argument quite fascinating. It seems to cut close to the bone for a lot of people.

To me what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If 'left wing' NGOs are investigated as to who funds them so to should 'right wing' groups be investigated.

i'm far more concerned about reports of foreign governments directly and indirectly funding Israeli organizations (eg that Halperin guy's one man band)

correct me if i'm wrong but a log of 'right wing' NGOs seem to be depending on the largesse of one or two individuals(ie the ones buying land in the old city)

JoeSettler said...

I don't personally know of any RW NGOs that would be concerned if they got 'investigated'.

In fact, Haaretz did such an investigation. The results were not embarrassing at all. Haaretz showed that the RW groups are concerned about Human and Civil Rights issues for Jews, that they were taking part in political activities that their mandate says they should be.

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