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Sunday, September 30, 2007
That Europe is full of anti-Semitic incidents doesn't surprise me.

That Israel finds neo-Nazis in our midsts from all the non-Jewish Russians we imported (due to a stupidly written law that should be changed) doesn't surprise me. That the neo-Nazis beat up old women because they are Jews or destroy Jewish structures doesn't surprise me, because the government and the police in Israel are known to do the same exact thing.

But when I hear of it happening in, of all places, New York. That surprises me.

One tends to think of New York as a safe haven for Jews. Where the Rule of Law is enforced (for real), and the rights of Jews to live in peace is protected and guaranteed by law.

But I guess, sometimes the rats come out of their holes, and don't get stomped on fast enough. Time for some rat poison, I'd say.

In the meantime, from what I've seen and from reports in the field, the 5 new Jewish villages seem to be coming along fine. True, in a few days the government will knock them down. But the Jews will go up again.

After all, when Abbas demands 100% of Judea and Samaria (and Olmert caves in), it will only be us that prevents the enemy from taking that next step to phasing out Israel.

We have no choice, but to continue to fight for our land.


Anonymous said...

It surprises you in New York? I thought Crown Heights was in New York. Okay, the pogrom in Crown Heights was a few years back (back in the days of Dinkins' mayoralty), but still....
And the rioting cost one Jew his life.


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