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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Written by my friend Ari who just came back from Lebanon:

The past month has been a stressful one for everyone. I spent the last two weeks deep in Lebanon ( 20 kilometers). We spent our nights maneuvering from village to village and our days fighting Hizbollah terrorists.

Before each attack we all said Vidui and Kabbalat Ol Malchut Shamayim.

Last Sunday( I think it was Sunday) we were in a Lebanese village called Tel Adeysa . Unfortunately Hizbollah was waiting for us and gave us a welcoming ceremony as we entered the village. Snipers took their shots and hit our commander in the neck, Rockets were landing all around us. The first team was hit and several soldiers injured.

The evacuation team was called in and they too were shot at and injured. The rest of the platoon was stationed in an apple orchard keeping low. The second in command pointed to me and ordered I take 4 other soldiers to evacuate as many injured as we could.

I pointed to 4 soldiers and said ' LETS GO' we all dropped our equipment,took our m-16's and stretchers and headed toward the firing. As we left the gates of the Orchard several Rockets came down on the orchard!

We came back from evacuating the Injured and found 5 more soldiers injured in the Orchard, where we were sitting 2 minutes ago!

I picked up my bag only to find that water was spilling out of several holes, as I took a closer look I found a piece of Shrapnel the size of my palm wedged in my bag!

The Rocket fell directly on our bags while we were evacuating the other site. The Guys who were in the Orchard were lightly injured due to the fact that they were far enough away.

One of the soldiers made a Brit for his new born son several days before. Some Shrapnel cut threw his vest and around the neck guard completely severing the top of the vest - He however was left without a scratch!

There were many soldiers who were injured and those who died!

I do not know what Hashem's reasons or plans are - I do know however that I was witness to a Nes Galui!

Hodu Lashem Ki Tov Ki Leolam Chasdo


westbankmama said...

Wow - what a nes.

Lady-Light said...

I am speechless. I still want to understand, why some (e.g., Roi Klelin a"h), and not others? למה ה" עוד מסתיר את פניו?
It's making me ill, this not understanding.

Anonymous said...

We're so happy and grateful to Hashem that you are safe and sound and back home with your wonderful family.

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