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Saturday, August 05, 2006
20 minutes past when Mincha was supposed to start on Friday - still no minyan. Finally, someone walked in and Mincha got started.

Shabbat morning had fewer people in our Settlement than Friday night, as people received their emergency call-ups on Shabbat and had to leave Friday evening (during Shabbat)!

The talk of the day was Avi.

And people had (very) strong feelings going both ways.

I won’t discuss the heated arguments here and now (perhaps another time), but I would say that everyone had somewhat of a valid opinion, but some opinions were more valid than others.

I would say that the opinion I agree with is that I personally wouldn’t/won’t do it as this is a war which I think can be classified as a Milchemet Mitzva (regardless that it was the Left that directly brought us into this bad situation) and we have an obligation to fight , but knowing how much the events of last summer touched Avi personally and ingrained themselves into his psyche, he didn’t have any other choice if he were to remain whole with himself.


Anonymous said...

Kol hakavoad Joe!


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