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Thursday, August 17, 2006
This is an important article that should be read one and all.

Litvshe @ the Muqata pointed out that once again the government plans to expel consolidate realign the residents of Ma’aleh Rechavam.

What will make it easier is that 25% of the residents of Ma’aleh Rechavam are still up in Lebanon where they’ve been fighting to defend this country, and they will eventually be returning home only to pack and be stabbed in the back – just as Avi Abelow said.

We Settlers (unfortunately) make up just 5% of the population, yet 10% of the casualties came from the settlements (and that was 10% too many). As we give far more back to this country than it can steal from us I think it is a good time to mention just another little fact.

The sham Sasson report decided that 100% of the “illegal outposts” are on stolen land. Amazing to state a lie so boldly when it is so easily proven a lie, but I guess when you’re on the Left, the facts don’t bother you.

To quote from the Arutz-7 article discussing the lies in Ma’ariv:
The people of Maaleh Rehavam recently demanded an apology from the Maariv newspaper for writing that their community is illegally located on private Arab property. "This article presents us as land thieves," a letter from the town's secretary states. "If a serious investigation had been done, as could be expected from a newspaper of your level, you would have found that the neighborhood is [a part of] the town of Nokdim, is totally located on state lands, and that the residents were even allocated land for planting and grazing. The neighborhood is in the process of being approved."

To see photos from Ma’aleh Rachavam click here

Even during the Lebanon War the government had the resources available to destroy a Jewish home.

Any Israeli in Tel Aviv who thinks someone else is worth dying for him in Lebanon while he sits in his cafe had better open his mouth and protest this disgrace.


daat y said...

not only arrogant but stupidity.

Joe Settler said...

And then there is this article.

Haaretz attacks the Tel Avivians. It quotes Stern saying the the Kibbutnikim, Russians, and Ethiopians all go out and fight.

Yet Stern also mentioned the Settlers. How could Haaretz had left us out?

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