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Monday, August 14, 2006
It’s 6:59 AM and we are waiting to tie our own hands and give up our right to self-defense (and offense too).

The ink hasn’t even dried and SURPRISE! Nasrallah has told the Lebanese government he has no intention of disarming (link). Who could have thought that would happen? Nasrallah actually plans to ignore the UN missive. (And of course the arms shipments through Syria haven’t stopped either).

Of course, Israel, after dumping tons of troops into Lebanon apparently for no reason since the reason wasn’t to win, now plans to begin pulling them out, again for no clear reason.

If you don’t understand the new rules of the game they are as follows:

The IDF will abide by the cease-fire.

The IDF will not fire on Hizbollah, unless Hizbollah first fires on the soldiers or Israel, or is literally just about to fire (meaning the finger is on the trigger and pressure is being applied).

What this means is that Hizbollah can and will now openly saunter around Lebanon, particularly Southern Lebanon, even if front of IDF troops, even with their rocket launchers, and we have already stated and promised we will do absolutely NOTHING!

So while Hizbollah rearms, repositions, and retrenches, our government has agreed to put us in more danger than ever.

I was listening to Olmert's spin doctors try to explain why this was a good deal for Israel, while we aren't even allowed to knock out the still ongoing arm shipments to Hizbollah, or do anything for that matter when he breaks his side of the agreement.

It seemed obvious to me they didn't know either as they kept getting stumped by the most basic questions of the interviewers.

Olmert go home.


bluke said...

Here is how I think the ceasefire will play out.

How the ceasefire may play out

Believe it or not the Left has already started their matra of we need to help the "weak" Lebanese government (just substitute Abu Mazen for Lebanese) and therefore lets just run away from Lebanon again.

Analysis / The IDF must leave Lebanon at once

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah's position is clear: He will comply with that element of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 only after the Israel Defense Forces withdraws from south Lebanon and the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL take its place. Until then, he is willing to accept only the 1996 Operation Grapes of Wrath understandings, under which both sides will keep fighting, but will not target each other's civilians. In other words, Hezbollah will not fire rockets at Israel if Israel does not bomb Lebanon, but the ground war in south Lebanon will continue and if Israel's bombing continues, so will Hezbollah's Katyushas.

In Hezbollah's view, there is no point in discussing disarmament now, because it believes it currently has the only force capable of expelling the IDF and protecting Lebanon's citizens. And the Lebanese government has trouble rejecting this view, because it knows that its army cannot deploy until the fighting stops. Otherwise, it is likely to become embroiled in a fight with the IDF itself. Therefore, the cabinet decided to defer discussion of Hezbollah's disarmament until it becomes clear how the cease-fire takes shape on the ground.
Therefore, it is vital that the IDF leave Lebanon quickly. The fate of Resolution 1701 depends on it.

Joe Settler said...

Clearly as he say, restraining ourselves is far more important than defending ourselves.

Nasrallah is simply much smarter than the man he called an idiot (that would be Olmert).

Oh for a quality Jewish leader in Israel!

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