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Thursday, August 10, 2006
If the headlines right now are to any extent correct, then Israel has just lost the war.

A cease-fire is in the works in which the Hizbollah will move North of the Litani (still in missile striking range of Israel), the Lebanese Army (presumably incorporated into/with Hizbollah ) will eventually move South of the Litani with UN “Peacekeepers”, and unofficially in a month Israel will begin negotiating to abandon the Shaba farms. Perhaps we’ll get our soldiers or their bodies back.

All of which Olmert and his leftwing government approves.

Perhaps the Left were right – we shouldn’t be in this fight.

But not because there isn’t a military solution - because there is one.

But because Israel’s ideological principles have become so perverse that our leaders are no longer willing to fight for our own survival.

Presumably 30 missiles hits a day instead of 200 will be an acceptable number.

So the Left were right, because in the end we will capitulate and surrender rather than win (and they are the reason) – and all our soldiers will have died in vain.

We could have just surrendered a month ago.

And in the end, all we have done is delay the inevitable by a few weeks, months, or perhaps a year or two, but in the end we will be fighting again and next time even worse. Next time perhaps even against dirty bombs supplied by Iran.

And in a month or two the Left will be congratulating themselves on a job well done, and Israel will forget that being under the Hizbollah missile threat is an existential threat that will hit us yet again, and once more we’ll read sicko articles saying that Nasrallah is a responsible Prime Minister of Lebanon.

The left were right. Because of the evil damage the Left did to this country starting from (even before) Oslo, Israel is apparently no longer capable of fighting ((or willing to fight) for her own survival.

It is only a matter of time before the next Expulsion and missiles start hitting central Israel.

The Left is wrong.

The Right is right. The Left have merely stabbed us all in the back.


Joe Settler said...

Rechavam (currently fighting for us in Lebanon) always says that the Arabs save Israel (G/d saves Israel, but he uses the Arabs). It takes them time, but eventually they simply can't control themselves, and their activities end up limiting the damage the Left tries to force down our throats.

At this point, the Arabs have given us enough to cause to completely save ourselves - but we aren't saving ourselves.

I hope somehow some sechel gets through the heads of our leaders and they finish this fight as it was meant to be fought.

Otherwise we've achieved nothing except make the situation worse, not just for ourselves, but for the entire world in the fight against Islamic Terror.

Irviner Chasid said...

Lets remember who writes the headlines?

daat y said...

The next step is our destruction.
Will we be given a small town like Yavneh or is it the Mediterranean Sea.
How is it that it so clear to us but not to the government?
When I wrote of the sickness of 'psychotid denial'I cannot believe that these people need involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.

Judith said...

Weren't some generals talking about a coup? I wish they would just do it.

Fares said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Soldiers in the field are probably talking about mutiny as they are placed in death traps without proper air support before and during the operation - due to the political decision to not fight this war properly.

BoneCrusher said...

And in other news Israel Begins the Destruction of Homes in Samaria, Wasting Valuable Military Resources and Creating a Third Front in the Current War ...

The Wise Men of Chelm are laughing at us AGAIN!

Oleh Yahshan said...

Well said Joe.
I only hope the arabs come and save us once again - it looks like Lebanon might actually reject this cease fire!!

bluke said...

See my post here UN Ceasefire resolution: Defeat for Israel

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