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Monday, August 21, 2006
There’s something in the mind of the Leftist that forces him to severely overestimate his faith in humanity.

There’s a reason why a significant portion of the world (and world history) suffers from wars, famines, tyrants, repression, mass murderers, and everything else bad, and it is for that specific reason we have the Torah – to civilize us, so we can help civilize the world (and teach them Monotheism).

But the godless Left apparently naively believe that the inherent nature of man is completely good (something even the Xians don’t believe) even in the face of the facts.

And that’s why the Left believe you could take a million Arabs that shared a grand total of 20 (twenty!) automatic guns among all of them and start heavily arming them, bring in a terrorist to lead them, and suddenly they would want peace! (Prize to Jerusalem Cop for coming up with the right answer).

Unfortunately, it’s why they keep repeating and repeating and repeating the same thing over and over again.

I use the word ‘sick’ because it is.

When you don’t learn after 12(+) years of the same stuff and keep repeating the same wrong actions and keep getting the same bad results, then yes, there is something wrong in the head. Worse yet are those that incredibly still believe we were at some point “close to peace”.

But worst of all, the Left completely ignore any solution that doesn’t fit into their limited ideology.

- Why don’t they ask themselves, how is it possible that the Settlers keep buying land from Arabs (and yes we buy it) and they agree to sell to us despite the risk?

- Why don’t they ask themselves how is it that Arabs work inside Jewish settlements?

- Why don’t ask themselves, how do these “crazy, fundamentalist” settlers essentially get along day to day with the Arabs who often live literally next door without massacring one another?

Maybe we settlers are doing something right or know something you refuse to hear?

Maybe you have something to learn from us?

Maybe when we talk about paying the Arabs $ x per family and they’ll leave, we are talking from experience and from activities we clandestinely do now to acquire land?

Maybe when we talk about all the land being ours because of the Torah, not just Tel Aviv because of the Holocaust, the Arabs have a big problem countering us, because what we say is part of their religion too? See Sura [17:104] and Sura [5:21-23] for starters.

We’re all living through the nightmare the Left dragged down on us. It is you who don’t have a solution.

We do.

Maybe it’s time to let us do it our way. The Torah way. And maybe it’s time, for the sake of unity, that you try the Torah way too.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: The classic Labor "leftist" doesn't like Arabs at all.

Rabin was more than happy to give the order, "Break their bones" during the first Intifada.

Despite the bad press, many settlers lived on very good terms with Arabs till Oslo made things get out of hand. There used to be a video rental store in Bethlehem that Efrat and Gush Etzion people used to go to all the the "good old days"

Fern R said...

I did a little research to try and answer your question. I even created an algebraic equation (x + 15 = 3x) when I found a site that said Oslo authorizerd the transfer of 15,000 automatic weapons to the PLO, "nearly trippling the number of automatic weapons in the Palestinian territories." But obviously, when you work out the equation, it comes out to zero and you had already said that was the wrong answer. So I was stumped.

Anyway, your statement "But the godless Left apparently naively believe that the inherent nature of man is completely good (something even the Xians don’t believe) even in the face of the facts.

And that’s why the Left believe you could take a million Arabs that shared a grand total of 20 (twenty!) automatic guns among all of them and start heavily arming them, bring in a terrorist to lead them, and suddenly they would want peace!" is very profound. We would all do well to remember it.

Joe Settler said...

Fern: The quote you quoted got it backwards. Oslo authorized the PA around 15,000 weapons, which the PA immediately violated and brought in triple that number.

Ben Bayit said...

Like I've been saying for a while now - it's a sickness, a mental illness, a delusional condition. and unfortunately it affects Religious, God-fearing Torah observant Jews as well (in different forms and ways).
Eli Sadan is about the best example I can think of in terms of a religious zionist settler who is suffering from "battered wife syndrome" vis-a-vis the Israeli left.

I hope to once again pick up the "Religious Jews and the Oslo Syndrome" series shortly.

Temple Trumpets said...

IMO, the Leftist are here to stay and for a very long time.

I would like to mention something here and would welcome your input even if it is that I have completely missed the boat on this one. To continue on it deals with Kabbalah in a very deep and yet an extremely brief way.

G-d set up a system whereby He could "interact" with His creation………the reason being that His creation could not "live" or exists if He interacted with them directly; so, this system is known as the Sefriot (sp) of which there are ten (10). Each one represent a major part of the human body; yet, is not dependant on the body itself necessarily. One of these Sefriot is "Netzach" which has the meaning of "conquer" or "overcome" and this is located or represented on the right side of the body. The other Sefria is "Hod" which has the meaning of "empathy", "passive" and is submissive in the sense that it allows evil to exist and this is located or represented on the left side of the body.

The idea of Netzach and Hod is a question of asserting your identity on the one hand, or total compliance with the other person's identity, on the other. The perfect relationship comes with the balance of these two thereby resulting in the "Yesod" Sefria which meaning "foundation".

As a side note, I would venture to guess that to a "traditional" relationship between a husband and wife it has been represented as the husband as being traditionally represented as the Netzach and the wife who is traditionally represented as the Hod. To have a husband as the Hod (leftist, passive, empathic, etc) and the wife as a Hod (leftist, passive, empathic, etc) also then the wife and or the husband go out and look someone who represents the Netzach.

Coming back to the main topic, the "leftist" are here to stay and the same goes for the "rightist". IMO, we have to find some way to balance their influence in this world so as to establish the Yesod (foundation). The question is how are we going to do this?

elchonon said...

hafgana against haflaga and worthless leftists tomorow at 12pm binyanei hauma. see my blog and see you there!

"bloggers against olmert"

Scott said...

Fat Chance! the true Left would die first. Willingly. And take you with them.

Scott said...

temple trumpets

Forget that Babylonian crap and get back to Moses.

Tim said...

Dear New Jew,
Everytime you loose a war, you end up returning land that you stole. This started from the October War, you returned Sina, Intifida you returned Gaza, and now of course, the world knows- you will return Sheeba Farms and the Syrian Golan Heights.

What don't you return to Moscow, Teaneck, and LA peacefully. The Arabs got your number. The game is over.


Emanuel Ben-Zion said...

Define Left? Because the left I know is Labour in Israel, or Socialism in Europe, not Communism or Neo-Com, that's Left-Wing or Far Left. Even so, just for the record, many "Lefties" are not Godless you know? Remember wich party build the modern State of Israel.

JooJoo said...

I think the reason Arabs sell land and work inside settlements is nothing but money.

Joe Settler said...

Just by reading my blog you were able to begin formulating the beginning of a workable solution!

Joe Settler said...

Anyone see a New Jew here?

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