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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Caroline Glick has an excellent article in today’s Jerusalem Post. As I always say, CG is the only redeeming factor of the JP.

She raises some interesting points.

It is through her that I learned that Emmanuel Morano was not just a senior officer and a hero of the IDF, but a hero for the Jewish people too (as is his family).

The Israeli media completely didn’t mention who Emanuel Morano really was or what he and his family were doing during the Expulsion last year.

Every night last August - until precisely 52 weeks before his death - he snuck into Gush Katif to bring food to his brother David and his family who were besieged along with the rest of the residents of Gush Katif by a force of some 50,000 IDF and police forces. These forces, who outnumbered the forces sent into Lebanon to fight Hizbullah a year later by 20,000, were under orders not to fight Israel's enemies, but to expel loyal, patriotic Israeli citizens from their homes and communities, destroy their homes and communities and abandon their land to Hamas and Fatah control.

This paragraph is so full of meaning. The dedication of one man to his brother, to their idealism, to what is right.

But it is the other point I want to discuss.

CG raises an important issue. The government raised an army of 50,000 soldiers to kick peaceful families out of their homes. And that was 20,000 soldiers more than they sent out to fight Hizbollah which managed to displace 1 million Israelis from their homes.

What sort of sick priorities does the Left and government have when they can waste so much resources (months of training, brand new equipment, splashy black stormtrooper uniforms with matching baseball caps, not to mention the 50,000 soldiers) on damaging us, while complaining that there aren’t enough resources for defending the country against external threats.

50,000 to kick Jews out of their homes. 30,000 to lose against Hizbollah.

It’s a matter of priorities – this government simply doesn’t have the right ones.

Olmert go home.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to writng good things? Is their light at the end of the tunnel? Are we the Chosen People of despair?

Joe Settler said...

To be honest, the only (natural) way any major change is going to happen in this country is if the average Israeli throws away their apathy and brainwashing and gets up off their couch and begins to protest.

It may be that the Reservists Protest may be the snowball that gets the avalanche started, but there is a lot of inertia and invested interests to overcome.

As central an issue as it is, what percent of the country actually does Milluim, and in a combat unit yet? Like everything else, "if it doesn't affect me personally, why should I bother?"

This wasn't Tel Aviv's war, and no one cares about protesters from Jerusalem...

Rafi G said...

Olmert go home!

bar_kochba132 said...

First of all, the Jerusalem Post also has Sarah Honig who is also excellent.

Secondly, it is time you face facts. WE ARE LIVING UNDER FOREIGN OCCUPATION. The "government" of the state of Israel are bought and paid agents actin on the behalf of foreign governments. Okay, unlike having a British High Commissioner, we have a Jew that calls himself "Prime Minister". Huge amounts of foreign money has been flowing into the pockets of key politicans for years in order to get them to do what their foreign sponsers want. Now, they may have a certain amount of leeway, and they do on occasion have to take public opinion into account, but this is the situation. As examples, there was the $600,000 Ezer Weizman receieved from France, Yossi Belin's salary from the EU, Sharon's money received from Martin Shlaff who was Arafat's business partner. This money also goes to people in the Likud, very senior people.
Looking at the Sharon/Shlaff/Arafat connection, it wouldn't surprise me if Saudi money is going to Israeli politicians.

I think that it is now obvious to a lot of people that the gov't is indifferent to the welfare fo the citizens of the country. The tragedy is that Joe is right, the population is sunk into a deep apathy and despair preventing them from doing anything about it. They look at the so-called "right-wing political opposition" and see that it is no different.
When the people of Gush Katif completely folded up and capitulated without any meaningful protest, the average citizen will think to himself "if the most idealistic segement of the population is not willing to protest such a gross, anti-democratic injustice such as is happening to them, what good does it for me to protest?" This is the problem.
IMHO the situation is not bad enough yet to stir people to really change things...and that means chucking out the whole corrupt, Hellenistic oligarchy that has sold out the country.

Jerusalemcop said...

the obvious answer to your question as to why more soldiers were used in G.K. is because apparently jewish men, women and children are more dangerous to teh security of the country than Hizbullah terrorists armed to the teeth by Iran and Osama.



Joe Settler said...

JC (JerusalemCop I mean),
You don't know how right you are.

THe physical danger to all of us from Hizbollah, Iran, and Islamic Terrorism in general we can definitely overcome and prevail.

But the danger to the State in its current, corrupt form, comes only from those who who represent the ideals of Torah and good, and that is not something a corrupt regime can stand up against in the long term.

Anonymous said...

50,000 soldiers to EVICT, DISPOSESS, EXPEL and EXPUNGE Jews out of their homes and 30,000 to LOSE against Hezbolla. Now that is SICK! If the Jewish people of Israel and all over the world don't get this one, we have lots of tzuris.
Maybe I'll just pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep?????

Lurker said...

I want to second bar_kochba132's endorsement of Sarah Honig in the JPost. If you haven't been reading her, I very highly recommend it.

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