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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
I have to admit, I’d say the Unilateral Disengagement was a great success - if I were an Arab.

Not only were thousands of Jews kicked out of their homes by other Jews, and not only hasn’t their own government taken care of them, but it’s trampling on them even more, to the point where the temporary hotels they are staying at plan to kick out these Jewish refugees before Pesach, even though the government (Kadima) still hasn’t supplied them with their alternative temporary housing arrangements.

But why stop there?

The southern Israeli towns are now under constant daily missile barrage, which the Israeli government is unable to stop, and not because it can’t, but because it won’t, as the only way to stop the rocket attacks is to physically go back into Gaza with ground forces, and that would mean that it was a mistake to leave in the first place. Catch-22.

Of course none of this has stopped Israel from letting Arab workers from Gaza still enter Israel (so much for ‘disengagement’) even as some of those very same Arabs try to blow up the crossing points (warning their fellow Arabs first) or hospitals that treated them, and generally just try to sneak through with suicide bombs.

And let’s not even talk about Hamas, because it’s really the average Palestinian who has become even more emboldened by the unilateral retreat, and that’s what put Hamas into power.

So nearly every other day yet another Palestinian attempts to stab a Jew, such as today in Tzomet HaGush, or the knifers caught near Bethlehem and Maarat Hamachpela.

But the truth is, it’s still the Secular Israeli club-hoppers that holds the record for stabbing their fellow Jews, but the Palestinians are certainly trying to catch up and learn from their example.

And of course, we have Olmert and crew trying to hide their responsibility in the Amona police brutality. No surprises there. But it shows that at least the government properly desensitized their police and soldiers with the disengagement, so they can now look upon their own people as the enemy.

Yes, overall the disengagement was a great success - for the Arabs. I’m sure they can’t wait for Olmert to implement the next one.


Joe Settler said...

Haaretz agrees with my assessment that the war of knives has begun.

Greg said...

I've been visiting your blog lately (I've read your comments on Muqata and other blogs) and am trully impressed. You seem to have a great grip on the issues at stake and are a big Zionist and a comitted fighter for our right to contine living here (whether Yesh(a)) or Tel-Aviv.

Concerning the article, I strongly agree. The police and army have indeed become increasingly disentisized to "settler" concerns, even their basic human rights whereas good, ol' Arab citizens of the State have all the rights in the world. It doens't look good as Kadima seems to be on its way to being elected and Olmert presents a clear and present danger for the Jewish population of Israel.

In the end, whether left or right, everyone here will understand that the Arabs don't really care how much we love them. They'd really much rather just throw everyone(including the 2 Yossi's into the sea along with the Libermans and the Benny Alons).

Be'tikva, Eitan.

Joe Settler said...

regreg23: Thank you.

daat y said...


daat y said...

can you explain why kadima is getting so many votes.

Greg said...

Joe:np...I'm visiting Efrat in the near future and would like to see you if possible. I'll email you my phone # ASAP.

Be'tikva, Eitan.

Joe Settler said...

That would mean I would have to travel to Efrat - and after all the molotov cocktails, multiple stabbings at Tzomet HaGush, and attempted suicide bomber at the Efrat entrance two weeks ago, I's say Efrat is too dangerous for me to go to.

Greg said...

That's totally cool with me.I, too, am a little concerned with all the "activity" in and around Gush Etzion right now. I'm sorry I never emailed u.

Will be in touch, Eitan.

JooJoo said...

Haha. Are you serious? How can you be such a p****? You are afraid to visit Efrat? 15 year old boys camp out on hilltops protected by nobody, unarmed. And you're afraid to visit Efrat? I hope you were joking.

Joe Settler said...

You really haven't read my blog, have you?

Anonymous said...

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