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Monday, September 03, 2007
It actually took one day longer than I thought it would for the parents in Sderot to pull their kids out of school.

Unless you are living in Tel Aviv, you obviously know already that Sderot is subject to Kassam attacks every day, and apparently the genocidal palestinians are targeting babies (like always). One rocket today just missed a baby day care center, while another fell near a school. A number of kids were sent to the hospital in Ashkelon.

Despite their best efforts yesterday, the palestinians managed to miss the schools, but it must have just been an off day (Labor day weekend and all). But not to worry, their aim improved today.

I'm glad Yuli Tamir said she approved the opening of the schools and was willing to take "responsibility".

Of course in Israel's government, taking responsibility doesn't carry with it any consequences, which of course means she and Olmert continue to sit comfortably while Sderot's children sit in hospitals (and Peres can become President).


Rafi G. said...

taking responsibility does not have no consequences. It means staying in your job to fix the problem (yeah, to fix the problem you either created or could not fix until now)

JoeSettler said...

No. It just means staying inyour job. You don't need to fix anything.

Rafi G. said...

right. "to fix the problem" is just the rationale.

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