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Sunday, September 09, 2007
Last week, some soldiers made a wrong turn and nearly found themselves lynched in PA occupied territory. It’s not the first time this has happened either.

There is really a simple solution to this problem. If you see big red signs saying “Don’t Enter”, well, then don’t enter.

But there is another alternative. dadyGPS is offering a special deal for publishers in the WebAds network (that’s me) and our readers (that’s you).

You can rent a car GPS in Israel for as little as $12 a day, or $50 for the whole week (that comes out to just a little more than $7 a day). (Normally the price is more like $15 a day).

Isn’t that peace of mind, knowing that you won’t make that wrong turn into PA occupied areas, (or Syria) well worth it?

OK, I admit, that was a scare tactic. The reality is that having a GPS in Israel can be quite useful if you are visiting or going touring.

The catch, you just have to mention WebAds when you talk to them.

Not a bad trade at all.


Anonymous said...

I think it's an excellent idea!

Renegade said...

"If you see big red signs saying “Don’t Enter”, well, then don’t enter."

this is coming from the guy who just said about 8 posts ago:
"what remains are 2 other roads with big red warning signs...
Ignore it. Keep going straight, right past that sign..."

JoeSettler said...

"Where we're going Marty, there are no roads."

Funny. I was thinking just that as I wrote that line.

Sometimes you just have to ignore signs of authority if you want to reach your goal.

The trick is to know when.

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