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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Surreal seems to be a word I use way to often when describing Left wing governments in Israel.

It’s now being reported that on July 23rd, dozens of Syrians died (horribly), when the nerve gas (Sarin) they were installing on a Scud (to be launched at us in Israel) exploded killing dozens of Syrian engineers and scientists (good).

This is being revealed on the heels of the reports that North Korean attempted to help provide Syria with Nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile (surreally) Olmert declares he has great respect for the wannabe Mass Murderer Assad and is willing to capitulate (out of fear) to his demands.

I’d say its election time in Israel, but do we really get a choice, and what does it change?


Anonymous said...

hey joe - why is it that the top of your site is consistently chopped off for me - unviewable.

Yours is the only site ever where I have such a problem.

Anonymous said...

It's a side effect from the Expulsion.

What browser are you using? And what is the first thing you see on top?

I made some custom mods on the blog and may have messed it up. Give me some more info and I'll try to fix it.

Batya said...

It's very slow to load and react.

but good post

Unknown said...

Looks fine in FF.

Where's the story from? Link?

Lurker said...

It's cut off at the top for me too. I'm using IE 6 on XP SP2.

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