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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Is it any wonder that Peres brought us into our current situation after he made today’s comment?

In his first comments on the subject since Tuesday morning's Kassam rocket attack which left 69 soldiers wounded, President Shimon Peres voiced wonder at the Palestinian terror groups' decision to continue with such tactics.

"It makes no sense why they would continue to shoot at us despite the fact that we disengaged from the Gaza Strip," Peres said during a Rosh Hashana toast for foreign diplomats.

No Shimon. It makes no sense to you. The rest of us on the Right understand it completely, which is why you need to retire in shame for all the deaths your idiotic policies have brought onto our collective heads. And it is why your (and the Left's) continued attempts at peace need to stop immediately.

Meanwhile there is nothing new in the leaked reports on what Olmert and Abbas have agreed on. Israel gives up more and more territory and control, including parts of Jerusalem and apparently the Temple Mount, and gets rid of Jews from Judea and Samaria. Abbas in return promises to stop terrorism.

Haven't we seen this movie too many times already?


Anonymous said...

You have fallen into the trap I have heard so many religious "right-wingers" have regarding: that Peres is "naive" or "stupid". He is neither, and he is very successful, and, as he sees it, he is winning. Peres, in his autobiography, said he was an admirer of Leon Trotsky. Trotsky believed that the Jewish people would disappear into some sort of Communist utopia, and it was okay to sacrifice millions of lives for this "noble cause". Peres himself stated that "it is now apparent that the ideologies we once believed in are not relevant". He is referring to Zionism. He has two goals in life, to amass as much political power as possible and to eradicate Zionism. In this desire to eradicate Zionism, he has been joined by most of the Israeli ruling class. They mostly agree with Avrum Burg rejection of Zionism and contempt for the Jewish people, but they view it in expedient to say it out loud, just like we saw the power-structure in the Likud abandon their support for the YESHA settlement movement, but they didn't have the guts to say so out loud until Sharon came along and announced he would destroy Gush Katif, which gave a hechsher to the Likud's abandonment of its long-held committment to Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel.
Back to Peres. He already realized in the 1980's that in order to eradicate Zionism, it was important to break the Jewish people's connection with their holy places and particularly Jerusalem. However, when Oslo came along, he and the rest of the post-Zionists swore that they would insist on keeping them, feeling the population was not ready for concessions of this nature. It would take time and events to break the Jewish people's strong sentitmental attachment to Eretz Israel. A good war launched by Arafat would do the trick. Peres, Barak (and Netanyahu, for that matter) allowed Arafat to arm his people far beyond that allowed by the Oslo Agreements, and Arafat was given freedom to brainwash his people to support a suicide bombing campaign, which was launched full force in 2000-2001.
What was the result? Despair in large sections of the Israeli population and the demand to build the essentially useless "separation wall". Then Sharon comes along and runs away from Gush Katif. TOTAL SUCCESS FOR PERES. Even the Likud has thrown in the towel and proposes simply running away. We see that Barak offered Arafat Judaism's holiest places in Hevron, and most of all, the Har Habayit. Today, with Olmert in charge, it is unthinkable for any leader to even demand Jewish control of the Har Habayit.
Meanwhile, Peres, through threats and bribery is now President. He can be satisfied, everthing is working according to his plan. Statements like that above "why are they still shooting at us?" do not reflect his thinking, they are thrown out to pacify the public.
What is tragic is that the "orange camp" in Israel, politically supposedly represented by the MAFDAL/IHUD LEUMI are so brainwashed for decades to worship the state apparatus and using distortions of otherwise admirable traits like "one should look for the good in every Jew" to extrapolate this to say "whatever and Israeli politician does is ultimately for the good and we must support it no matter how much damage it does" (i.e. the sick "mamlachiut" we see being spouted), they have failed to produce ANY alternative to the sick situation Israel is in.

It is time for new thinking. The philosophy Religious Zionism has been teaching for 100 years IS DEAD. It is time to stop looking at the state apparatus as holy, because to do that is avodah zara.
I am NOT anti-Zionist, I still believe that religious and non-religious can and should work together to build a healthy Jewish state in Eretz Israel, but the old ways just won't do any more.

Shana Tova l'kulam

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